Don Hansen’s National Weekly Football Gazette was the first publication to exclusively cover Small College Football.  The Football Gazette was also the first to go online with it’s coverage. Some of the Best Football is seen at this level. The Athletes in NCAA 1-AA, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and NCCAA play for the pure love of Football.


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  1. Ed Scrivner says:

    I am very sorry about Don’s passing.

    Would you have copies of Don’s All America listings for 1990 and 1991? My brother, Flint Minshew, played at Millsaps College from 1988 to 1991. I thought Flint was named Honorable Mention All America either in 90 or 91. He is about to be inducted into the Millsaps Sports Hall of Fame and I would love to confirm his listing for his biography.

    Ed Scrivner

    • Dave says:

      Thank you Ed and congrats on your brothers induction. I have a boat load of boxes that are still packed related to the Football Gazette. My Dad lost a huge amount of old gazettes as a result of flooding in his storage bin. Right now I can’t confirm your brothers listing. I plan on posting all of the All-American teams to the website once I go through the boxes and see what I have and what is missing.

  2. are you gooing too issue your weekly magazine

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  4. Cory Guinn says:

    Hi. I am a writer in the Sports Information Department at North Greenville University. A few of our players will be participating in the Hansen Bowl on Monday. I was wondering if there is ny information you guys could send me after the game (i.e. stats, players of the game, etc.)

  5. Joe Guistina says:

    Hi Dave,

    I am the SID at Lycoming College. Like Cory, any help you can give me in getting stats or info about the results of today’s game, please either shoot me an e-mail or put on your blog and I will check it out.


  6. Lauren Smith says:


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