College Football Mourns The Loss Of One Of Their Greatest Fans With The Passing Of Craig Burroughs

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Craig Burroughs - National Correspondent for Don Hansens National Weekly Football GazetteCraig had been struggling with cancer over the past several years.  He was with his wife last evening when his body could no long respond, but we all know that his will was still pushing on.  He never slowed down or let on that anything was wrong.  Last week Sandy and Craig were in attendance for college football in Minnesota.   He was an incredible husband to Sandy, friend to my dad, to me and so many others.  He was a gifted writer who loved to cover college football.


Short Bio: Craig Burroughs was possibly the most widely-traveled college football writer in history; he had witnessed 1,177 games in person as of the end of the 2010 season, and has seen at least one college varsity game in all 49 states where college football is played, as well as in 7 Canadian provinces. By the end of the 2005 season, Craig had seen every 4-year college team north of the Rio Grande River, now a total of 788 schools through the end of 2009. He has covered more than 100 bowl games; including all five BCS National Championship Bowls, as well as dozens of divisional championships and playoff games. He has also covered games played by every NFL and CFL team, has seen more than 100 junior college teams and has watched high school football in 44 states and 2 Canadian provinces.

Craig had planned a book about his million-mile-plus odyssey searching out football history and memories all over North America to be sent for publication late next year, but we are unsure at this time if that will happen.   Craig was 68 years old and lived with his wife, Sandy, in Chicago.

Craig will be sorely missed by all who had been fortunate enough to have met him.  Thank you Craig for such a wonderful dedication to being a friend to my Dad, Don Hansen.


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  1. Linda Mataragas Rabbitt says:

    Thank you for this article about my brother Craig. He will be missed by all who knew him.

  2. Charles A. Swain says:

    We are so sorry to hear of a great loss to family and Sandy, our dear friend. I was lucky enough to have met with him only twice, and the loss is that of a brother. He will be missed.

  3. Sandra Bachmann says:

    Thank you, Charles. Craig felt the same way about you. He lived his life richly and fully, and was an inspiration to all who knew him. I shall continue to learn from him. We both send much love and gratitude to you and Nina.

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