Hansen Bowl details are coming

Im sitting in the Norfolk airport waiting to board my flight.  I wanted to post something quickly from my EVO phone before I boarded. 

My apologies to all of the fans that could not travel to the game to watch.

I have requested the stats page as well as a game story from the organizers of the Bowl named after my Dad, Don Hansen.  As soon as I receive the specifics on the game which includes the player names it will be posted.

The game was extremely exciting and like I stated in a previous post; it came down to the final seconds to be decided.   When I found out the stats pages would not be available to me yesterday in order to provide the Families, Friends, SIDs, and fans the detail, I was disappointed.

I’ve talked with several players and coaches who stated the game was very exciting and enjoyable to play in.  They are looking forward to receiving information about how to get their hands on the DVD of the game and know when and where the game will be broadcast.

Again, I wish I had the specifics right now to give you.  That is out of my hands, but I will make sure to get it to you as soon as possible.

I just want to publicly say that I am very grateful and thankful for the players going on the field and giving it their all!

They are calling for me to board.  Please check back.

Dave Hansen


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  1. Joan Teare says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Will look forward to the stats and where we can maybe purchase a DVD of the game.

  2. Neil James says:

    Still waiting for info about Hansen Bowl TV coverage and how to get DVD of game.My Grandson {Brandon James} was in the game and I would like to have some remembrance of the game.. Thanks

  3. DON I. DAILEY says:

    i attended the bowl game, but had to leave at the end
    of the third quarter, due to age and health. please
    advise me where and how i can obtain a copy of the
    game on DVD.
    Thank you.
    Grandfather of QB Beau Dailey of the riverboats.

  4. Dave Hansen says:

    For those looking to order a DVD copy of the Hansen Bowl.

    Hansen Bowl DVD @ $35

    Mail To

    P.O. BOX 477
    ROSELAND, NJ 07068

    Checks payable to: HANSEN BOWL, INC.

    City, ST, Zip

    Email Address:

    Dennis Wilson put up a form on his HansenBowl website.

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